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We get a lot of people contacting us with a malicious code issue. If you search your website on google you may see a warning notice such as ” Site blocked” “This site has been compromised ” or “This site may harm your computer)”


See a forum where lots of people are talking about this same issue : https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/webmasters/1IT1Xg3pBwU

I have recorded a video showing you how to fix the issue and to remove the injected script on your website.


The guilty culprit in this example was    traffictrade.life/scripts.js


Remove malicious code on your wordpress website.



  1. backup your website files and database
  2. update wordpress version, themes and plugins
  3. Add plugin “Wordfence” and carry out a scan
  4. Add plugin “Simple find and replace”
  5. Search for the dodgy script and see how many instances inject
  6. Search and replace with blank
  7. Done! re run your Wordfence scan to show the code is removed
  8. Change your wordpress and database password so it doesnt happen again!


If your a developer then there is another way to deal with the issue.

create a little query that did remove the malware includes:

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 11.22.38


You will need to do this in PhpMyAdmin