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LiveChat – once a facility utilised by large companies only; has seen phenomenal growth in use across the board with the surge in use down to an increasing favouring of this channel of customer services.

Live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone.

I can see why as live chat combines the best of phone and email, and avoids the pain of hanging on the line listening to irritating on hold music such as “Bon Jovi classics played on the harp”.

Stats reference: eDigital’s Customer Service Benchmark which surveyed 2,000 consumers on their experiences of various customer service channels.

It was not long ago that overseas tele-call centres were the mainstay which has now been eclipsed by LiveChat use. LiveChat can be used any time any day with a wide range of offline and online features allowing the company great flexibility. It also permits more direct communication and time saving efficiency of dealing with enquiries. Perhaps also not hearing the accent of the customer services / livechat rep can be of benefit where fewer biases and prejudices can affect the overall perception of the service quality.

At Double Digit we have installed LiveChat features on a large number of client websites and have experienced the pros and cons. We have also devices some neat social media marketing integrations with live chat which help to service your customers whilst creating marketing awareness at the same time. These include e-commerce upsells and cross sells.

We have also been working with LiveChatExpert – a directory for people searching for company livechat links. Every searched the net high and low looking for a levchat button but given up as what is supposed to be a timesaving and efficient way to contact a company with an enquiry has turned into a small research project!?!?!

Take the example of someone whom works night shifts and during the day doesnt have time to call and make a complaint about an electrical item they bought at Argos. Google “Argos LiveChat” and you will see that the page you are looking for is on page 6 of google hidden at the bottom of the page and obscured by an advertising banner. Now all you have to do is go to LiveChatExpert and you will see that by searching for “Argos” in the search bar that you are taken directly to a link to launch Argos LiveChat…. BOOM and your chatting about your faulty Phantom 3 Drone in no time at all and hopefully Argos are providing good customer services and issuing you a replacement drone. See for yourself the Argos LiveChat page on LiveChatExpert here

You can also test out LiveChat links on LiveChatExpert for Boots LiveChat Boots Store Locatorand Ryanair LiveChat

We have helped LiveChatExpert with some SEO work and some social media marketing consultation and are working with them on developing their brand online. We feel this company has so much potential and are glad to be onboard early on in the company’s journey.

Benefits of live chat

31% of online shoppers from both the US and UK saying they would be more likely to purchase after a live chat.

People like live chat for a number of reasons, and time is a key factor. Of those who prefer live chat, 79% said they did so because they get their questions answered quickly and 46% agreed it was the most efficient communication method.

Cant Find a LiveChat Link?

If your struggling to get in touch with a customer services department of a company somewhere and haven’t been able to find that company on LiveChatExpert then please go to their “submit a livechat URL page”.

See some LiveChat features we have set up for some of our clients below:

Hont Global

If you would like to chat about setting up LiveChat on your website please give Luke Baldwin in our team on +44(0) 7845 826 079 or fill out the contact form on our website with your contact details here